Wasps vs Lions – Match Report

Cardiff Lions Vs Westcountry Wasps
23.09.2023 – K/O Time – 14:30/2:30pm – Cardiff – The Diamond Ground

In a hard-fought battle at The Diamond Ground in Cardiff, the Westcountry Wasps faced a daunting challenge against the seasoned Cardiff Lions. The Wasps, stepping onto the field for their first match of the season, showcased remarkable resilience despite limited preparation time and the absence of pre-season friendlies. The game kicked off at 2:30 pm, setting the stage for an intense clash between the two teams.

From the outset, the Wasps displayed their determination, catching the Lions off guard with their initial strength. The Lions quickly realised that the Wasps, despite their inexperienced players, were a force to be reckoned with. However, as the match progressed, the Lions drew upon their synergy from previous games, implementing intricate plays that stretched the Wasps thin. The Lions’ well-honed match fitness became evident, allowing them to exploit gaps in the Wasps’ defensive line.

The final scoreline of 55-7 in favour of Cardiff Lions reflected their dominance on the field. The Wasps managed to secure their sole try through the impressive efforts of debutante Fred Flood, who exhibited exceptional skill by breaking through three defenders and placing the ball firmly between the posts. The conversion, expertly executed by game-day captain Ed Isaac, infused the Wasps’ squad with a sense of pride despite the challenging outcome.

Following the match, both teams gathered for a post-game meal and drinks. The dress code, though simple, added a touch of sophistication to the occasion, with Ayrton Midwinter’s unconventional attire drawing some amused glances. Despite the defeat, the Wasps maintained a positive spirit, using the opportunity to bond during the journey home.

Game day awards
Man of the match (Chosen by Lions) – Ollie March
W**ker with an anchor (chosen by coaches and captain) – Ayrton Midwinter
Man of the match (Chosen by coaches and captain) – Fred Flood
Dick of the day (Chosen by captain) – Joey Milburn

A special mention went out to the debutantes who bravely took the field for the Westcountry Wasps. Ayrton Midwinter, Fred Flood, Rob Colclough, Matthew Vernel, Anthony Ladbrook, Dominic Spicer, Ollie March, and Chris Sellick, despite nursing a rib injury, showcased immense courage and dedication. Their performance set the stage for a promising season ahead.

Looking forward, the Wasps eagerly anticipated their rematch against the Lions at Bitton Park in 2024. With lessons learned and a newfound camaraderie, the Wasps were determined to refine their skills and continue their journey in the rugby arena.

Here’s to the Wasps’ unwavering spirit and the exciting battles yet to come!

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