photography policy

As a rugby club, we understand the importance of capturing and sharing memorable moments on our website to celebrate our players, supporters, and the spirit of the game. This Photography Policy outlines the guidelines and expectations for the use of photography on our website to ensure the privacy, safety, and enjoyment of all individuals involved. By adhering to this policy, we aim to create a positive and inclusive online environment for everyone.

  1. Consent and Permission: 1.1. Prior consent is required from individuals before capturing and publishing their photographs on the website. 1.2. Consent should be obtained from parents or legal guardians for individuals under the age of 18. 1.3. Consent may be obtained through signed release forms, online consent forms, or verbal agreement, ensuring clear communication about the purpose and usage of the photographs.

  2. Photography Guidelines: 2.1. Photography should focus on capturing the spirit of rugby, showcasing sportsmanship, teamwork, and positive experiences. 2.2. Action shots, team photos, and candid moments are encouraged, while inappropriate, offensive, or intrusive photographs should be avoided. 2.3. Photographs should respect the dignity, privacy, and safety of individuals, ensuring they are not depicted in compromising or embarrassing situations. 2.4. Photography should avoid capturing images of injured individuals or accidents that may potentially cause distress.

  3. Identification and Attribution: 3.1. Whenever possible, photographs should include appropriate identification of individuals, including their names, roles (e.g., player, coach, supporter), and team affiliations. 3.2. Where feasible, obtain explicit permission for using the names or personal information alongside the photographs. 3.3. In cases where identification is not feasible or individuals prefer anonymity, photographs may be used without specific identification.

  4. Online Safety and Security: 4.1. The website should have appropriate security measures to protect the privacy and personal information of individuals. 4.2. Photographs should not include personal information such as addresses, phone numbers, or any other sensitive details. 4.3. Regular reviews of the website should be conducted to ensure that photographs are not being misused or inappropriately accessed by unauthorized individuals.

  5. Compliance with Legal Requirements: 5.1. Ensure compliance with all relevant laws and regulations concerning photography, privacy, and data protection. 5.2. Respect copyright laws by obtaining permission or using licensed images when necessary.

  6. Complaints and Concerns: 6.1. Establish a clear procedure for individuals to raise complaints or concerns regarding the use of their photographs on the website. 6.2. Respond promptly and address any valid concerns raised, taking appropriate action such as removing or modifying photographs if required.

  7. Review and Amendment: 7.1. This Photography Policy should be reviewed periodically to ensure its effectiveness and relevance. 7.2. Amendments may be made to the policy based on changing circumstances, legal requirements, or feedback from individuals involved.

By implementing and following this Photography Policy, we aim to foster a safe and respectful environment on our rugby club website. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in adhering to these guidelines and ensuring the responsible use of photography.

The RFU, Club, IGR, Constituent Body, Academy of education establishments may wish to take photos or videos for the promotion and celebration of rugby activities or for training purposes, and display them online and/or in printed material.  Each organisation will take all steps to ensure that images are stored and used for the purposes they are intended. Please indicate if this is acceptable to you. If it is not, please contact the Chair directly so that we can take the necessary steps.
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