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backs coach

joey milburn

“Wasps provided me a platform to enjoy rugby in a different way, I now coach the Wasps at training and on game days and when I can I pull the jersey on I play too!”

forwards coach

chris clare

“To me, Wasps represent a family. We all get along so well that on most weekends, you’ll find a few of us mischief-makers together. The team is warm and always open to new members.”


steven nimmo

“Rugby is my escape from work, and coaching lets me pass on the massive benefits that the sport has given me.”

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At Wasps, you’re becoming a part of an inclusive rugby community that celebrates diversity, breaks down barriers, and welcomes everyone with open arms. Together, we create a vibrant tapestry of unique talents, where individuals from various backgrounds, and abilities unite around their shared love for the game.

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